Sitting here in the home studio listening to all the tracks that have been done over the 4 to 5 years, working on this Solo Cd thats SoLo you cant hear it yet lol, So many players and so many Different Styles. What to do what to do. Its time to finish this Cd up. even if its just 2 single songs to start with. EL

Hello Everyone Hope You Had A Rockin 4th of July

Hi to all
hope everyone had a lot of fun and was safe on the 4th of July. I had a great time Celebrating my Birthday on the 4th of July it makes sense right sense my B day is on the 3rd.
have a great week coming. Things are coming together once again. Hope to have more news about the New CD and Release.
much lov EL

Hello All !

Its been along road getting back to writing songs and recording. Working on some new projects to share with all of you soon.
Thanks for all the support over the years. Eddie Law

Eddie Law Wants You


Hi everyone
Been in the home studio working on new songs. In talks with 2 other projects I’m thinking about taking on. One’s in LA and the other in Las Vegas. More to come soon
Thanks Eddie

Hi Everyone

Its been a while sense i updated you guys. Everything is going as planed with the New Solo CD, as a lot of you know i had shoulder surgery Back in November.
Everything is heeling up great. Thanks for all the support you all have giving me much needed at the time. So back in the home studio soon. I have more new song ideas and I’m getting some awesome musicians together to help finish this cd up. thanks again for all the support over the years much love Eddie Law


Things are moving along in 2018, New CD is coming along, working on CD cover art work and inner Slave. Finishing up on some new Music ideas and Recording Vocals soon

Hello Everyone

Just checking in with everyone to hope your 2018 is going great so far.

I’m still recovering from my shoulder Sugary. But everything is going great.

I have a lot of movement and getting stronger everyday.

I will be getting back to work on new music soon. Thanks so much for your support EL