Hi Everyone

Its been a while sense i updated you guys. Everything is going as planed with the New Solo CD, as a lot of you know i had shoulder surgery Back in November.
Everything is heeling up great. Thanks for all the support you all have giving me much needed at the time. So back in the home studio soon. I have more new song ideas and I’m getting some awesome musicians together to help finish this cd up. thanks again for all the support over the years much love Eddie Law


Things are moving along in 2018, New CD is coming along, working on CD cover art work and inner Slave. Finishing up on some new Music ideas and Recording Vocals soon

Hello Everyone

Just checking in with everyone to hope your 2018 is going great so far.

I’m still recovering from my shoulder Sugary. But everything is going great.

I have a lot of movement and getting stronger everyday.

I will be getting back to work on new music soon. Thanks so much for your support EL


    • NEW CD COMING SOON!  Called FREE WORLD named after the tilted song.

      Keep the Donations coming thank you so much for your support.

      Hi everyone

      Thanks so much for your Support over the years. Well here it is as requested.  ( A PLACE TO DONATE)

      Sometimes the little guys need some help too.

      All Donations are going to help with the new CD and Touring.

      Lov you all lets keep Rocking in 2018 . Eddie Law  And  Aron-Of-Sky Management Thank You.


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