Update !

Getting ready to get back into the home studio after a short time off. It’s time to kick ass and take names people. Thanks for all the support.



Hope everyone is having a great NOV so far. We still have Thanksgiving to deal with here in the USA. Wishing everyone Happy Holidays

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Hello To All !!!

Its been a long long Ride this years for me. A Lot of ups and downs with Musicians that say one thing and do another. Thats life i guess. And life goes on. Will be back at work soon.
I have new people helping me get this Cd done. All good people that won’t leave me hanging out to Dry.

Its and old photo but its so cool lol

Hello to everyone!

Hi been a long long year. A lot has happened in my personal life and Music life. Im once again working on my Solo Cd. With some old old friends of mine,That came out of hiding to help me out.
So its on like doky Kon. Taking things slow. So i will keep you all up to date. once I have something to show you guys. Thanks so much for your support, EL

Back at work

Note to self don”t bring a cup full of water into your home studio. It just might get knocked over and soak your Apollo Twin due. And put you out of commission for a week.
But all is good. Back from service. Its fine and working. Now back to work. Getting together with and old friend next week. To lay down some bass lines for me on some newer songs.


Sitting here in the home studio listening to all the tracks that have been done over the 4 to 5 years, working on this Solo Cd thats SoLo you cant hear it yet lol, So many players and so many Different Styles. What to do what to do. Its time to finish this Cd up. even if its just 2 single songs to start with. EL