Good News

Starting Friday Aug 23th. I will be back in the home Studio with my new line up. Its going to be great to start working again and with these new guys. More to come soon. E L

Eddie Law Wants You

Hello Everyone!

So a lot of you might know, I took a Day job working at the School Of Rock in Pompano Beach Fla. As their New General Manager. So Far I love it. Giving back to the kids is a Awesome! thing. And I Love all of My Staff. But one guy sticks out My Music Dir. He is one talented guy. The way he works with the kids. And how he can get anyone to play an instrument with in 5 minutes, that never touched an instrument before in their life in some cases, Its so Awesome to me. And to watch it happen. Anthony you rock my friend.

New to get to the good News. I have found my new Line up For the Eddie Law Rocks Band. I will be back in the Studio soon to finish up the new Cd. With the new line up. Band Member’s Names will be revealed soon. Love everyone Thanks so much for all the support over the years

School Of Rock Summer Camp Pompano Beach Fl.

Hi there to everyone that lives in Pompano Beach FL.

As some of you already know. I took a Job as the New GM At The School of Rock Pompano Beach Fl.

We have openings for next weeks Summer Camp. Which is called (Green Day) Thats the week of June 24th. Check out the other Dates for July and Aug. Thanks Eddie

Vocal Strengthening Lesson

Hi everyone Eddie Law is taking on more students for Vocal Strengthening Lesson on-line and Local Private lessons. Please contact me for more info. on Rates and dates and times , at

On-line lesson can be for anyone around the world using Skype or FaceTime with your Tablet/COMPUTER. Private Vocal Lessons in person are only in South Fla, At your Home or My Studio. Please contact me for more info on Rates/Times/Dates for all locations.

We will be Working on helping you with increasing and raising your vocal strength and range up two to three octaves!….

Examples of vocal issues!!

Perhaps you’ve struggled with a limited range, having to flip into “falsetto” all the time, when you reach “the end.” ….

Because of this limitation, you sometimes drift out of tune, especially in the upper registers. ….

You have tried to belt through to a few higher notes, but have either felt the strain (and pain) and given up. Maybe you have persisted and injured your vocal cords, or you are in the process of self-injury.

You may be dissatisfied with your tone as a result of all of these. ….

On my search, I found that I had a combination of all the above! Are we somewhat alike? Whatever your vocal limitations are, mine were probably worse. I can help you with that!

Lessons are 30min to 45min or 1 hr

Skills We Will Work on:
• Strengthening warm-up exercises
• The right way to breath when singing
• Posture
• Vocal Range
. Lyric phrasing and Timing
• Microphone technique
• Stage Performance
• Recording Techniques
NOTE: And After learning my Strengthening Technique. We Will work on your Vocals on your Original Music or Cover Music.

I also work with Band or Music Projects on back up vocal Harmonies and performance if needed. Separate lesson and Rate for that service.

Hope your having a great 2019 so Far. Eddie Law

Update !

Getting ready to get back into the home studio after a short time off. It’s time to kick ass and take names people. Thanks for all the support.