ALL DONE!! Woohoo!!

Just finished up a Vocal recording/video covering “I Am A Viking” by Yngwin Mallmsteen with Chris Gordon.

Once it’s mixed and the video is added to the track it will be posited. It was fun to do..



New Project Coming Soon

I’ll be Co-Writing with Chris Gorden Guitarist/Songwriter/Producer/Radio Host 102.9 WMGK | Philadelphia’s Classic

In a new Music Project. It’s gonna be all original music. But we have started working on a couple of covers songs just to see how we worked together and it’s coming alone nicely. Once done we will post the videos of the cover songs on FB and YouTube.


I am so sad to hear about Bob Kulick passing. He was the nicest guy you ever want to meet. We at one point were going to work together on a project years ago. And started talking about it again 3 months ago RIP BOB

Hope everyone is being safe

Hey everyone! Wishing everyone a great week. I’m back In the home studio Working on some cover tunes’-videos to post on Facebook with a very talented guitar player. And at the same time i’v been doing a lot of vocal session work.