Eddie Law may be one of the best kept secrets in Rock-N-Roll for a longtime. His battleship delivery and burning vocals have been knocking the socks off listeners for almost 25 plus years. Born in Brooklyn, New York, Mr. Law made his mark in steamy South Florida at the tender age of only sixteen; Right-Smack-dab in the middle of the 80’s big hair and big guitar revolution. His first band, Trial, won several Battle-of-the-bands and stood out amongst the many “copycat” bands of the time. He’s received classical training from renowned teacher Elizabeth Sabine (Axl Rose, Steve Perry, Michael Sweet ,Ron Keel and many others).

Eddie left the small pond of South Florida for the chance to become a Big Fish amidst the Los Angeles music explosion. He played with many national acts at a…ll the legendary clubs like, The Whiskey, The Roxy and the Troubadour. He parlayed his “live” success by capturing the coveted and lucrative World of studio vocal work.

In 1989 Mr. Law caught the attention of renowned manager, Wendy Dio of Niji Management (Ronnie James Dio, Rough Cutt, and Cold Sweat). It wasn’t long before he was playing with seasoned veteran musicians like House of Lords’ guitarist Mike Guy, Dio, bassist Jimmy Bain and Hericane Alice, drummer Jackie Ramos. Legendary Rough Cutt singer Paul Shortino.

In 1990, years of getting close but no cigar and the untimely death of his biggest fan, his dad, led Eddie back to his old stomping grounds of South Florida. Where Eddie ran across guitar legend Yngwie J. Malmsteen at “The Button South” A local South Florida Rock Club.The timing couldn’t have been better as Yngwie was auditioning singers for a new Line up he was putting together for his next CD. Could Eddie finally get his big break? Yngwie was shocked at Eddie’s similarities to one of his childhood hero’s; The lead singer of Deep Purple Ian Gillan. Yngwie says to Eddie, “Man, You look just like a younger Ian Gillan and your voice sounds just as strong.” Said Eddie “I was on cloud 10 after jumping over cloud 9 after hearing that”.

The two became quick friends, playing many impromptu recordings at the maestro’s Miami studio and home. “I have to go back to Sweden for the Holidays, ” said Yngwie, but when I return, I will call you!” That call never came, however, and Eddie ventured back to Los Angeles. He would later find out from his guitar tech that Malmsteen decided to make a dream of his come true and hire an All-Swedish band. Can’t felt him for that. Said Eddie “Just wish he would of call me to tell me what was up going on at the time”.

 Eddie Law didn’t give up for over two years, Eddie used his time to take care of his heartbroken mom and continue to write his now, more personal music.

Eddie worked behind the scenes too as a Tour Manager for bands, Haven’s Edge and D’Priest. It was humbling work as he toured the United States for a few months. “My dad made me promise to him that when he was gone, I would take care of my mom and I honored that.”

His writing matured and his creations during this time are some of the best stuff he’s ever done. “Now He’s Gone”, “Playing With The Devil” and “Billy the Kid” were three moving tribute songs to his dad and how he dealt with the loss. You can hear the emotion and pain in his voice.

Eddie took matters into his own hands and formed his own band, Law of the Land.

He was soon headlining all the big clubs like, The Button South, Summers on the Beach, The Tree House, Rock Candy, Plus Five, and Rock Solid.

“L.A. was cool for awhile, but it got stale. I guess we outgrew each other. Florida may be more laid back than L.A., but I still hit my music hard, the way my fans like it.”

As the 21st century approached, Eddie continued writing songs and working as a Singer-for-Hire. To add to his arsenal, Eddie taught himself to play rhythm & lead guitar,Bass and drums. Now he records his songs the way he wants to. But still loves to work with great players.

Eddie, took his solo band, The Eddie Law Rocks Band, on the road In June of 2007,

Eddie was invited to play at Rock It Fest in West Virginia, for kids who have Multiple Sclerosis and Muscular Dystrophy. The show was a success for The Eddie Law Rocks Band “It was great to play for one of my favorite charities”.

With a Many Fan/Friends on one of his Facebook pages And another 3000 plus on his Fan page on Facebook, in a short time, he’s attained thousands of fans around the World. After one year of living and working in Nashville,TN, it was time for Eddie to relocate back to South Florida in order to hit it hard once again. In June of 2009 that’s what Eddie did.

In 2010-11 Eddie was doing a lot of shows around South Florida and the Mid west states .

In 2012-13 Eddie Started working on his Solo CD. Called “Free World”


in 2014 Eddie’s electrified vocals and take no prisoners attitude are best displayed on his new recent studio vocal demo for his first solo CD called “FREE WOULD” Named after his Titled Song.


In 2015 with what he thought would be the new line up for has new Solo project Called “The Eddie Law Rocks Band” Things took a wrong turn quickly. So as the cookie crumble so did the new line up. Said Eddie “It was so heartbreaking again for me. We got back into the studio to finish up what I started. But there is always one or two out of the bunch that like to do a little to much then the others do. If you know what I mean. Think of Ottis from the Andy Griffin Show. That will gave you a great idea of what I had to deal with.

In early 2016 Eddie started teaching vocal lesson on line and in private. Click the Photo to read more info about Vocal Strengthening Lesson. If you would like to know more about Vocal Lessons from Eddie please E-mail him eddielawrocks@gmail.com


In 2017 Eddie built a new home recording studio with state of the art recording equipment.Like The New Slate Raven MTI 2 Touch Screen And all the new plug In’s from Slate,Not shown in photos. Will Update with new photos soon.






NOW I CAN FINISH UP MY NEW SOLO CD ON MY OWN TIME. “And Still Work On Other Projects, Around The World”. Please fill free to contact me if you have any vocal Studio work that needs to be done on your New Project. eddielawrocks@gmail.com



2020 THE CD WILL BE A (Independent RELEASE) Release Date TBA.

Mr. Law has taken the glory days of the 80’s  90’s genre and added his own twist, keeping his vocals fresh and relevant. Stay Tuned!

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